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YAAM Architects ™ 
is a Dubai and Milan based group of architects, designers, and builders operating within the fields of architecture, urbanism, research and development. The office is currently involved in a large number of projects throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
The Management team have been tasked with different roles and responsibilities for design, management, construction, contracts and marketing. It is this complementary supporting role that gives us the framework to deliver to our clients a high quality level professional service.
Fields of work
We have successfully designed and delivered projects for a diverse range of clients including public listed firms, private corporations, government agencies and individual personalities. The category of projects covers a broad range of building types in the following areas:
• Urban Planning               • Commercial Buildings               • Photography and production   
• Hotels and Resorts          • Industrial Buildings
• Institutional Facilities      • Residential Developments
• Interior Design                 • Public Institutional Buildings
Our project team is made up of over 35 personnel, are rigorously selected and trained to perform at peak level. We ensure the team members are part of a continuous training and development program to keep up with the latest building techniques.
Design Philosophy
We would like to create long term assets for our client and users through creative planning and efficient designs. We are committed to the pursuit of quality planning and innovative design with the creative use of modern building technologies., green building systems and innovative use of materials. This combination will give a project both economic viability and long –term sustainability.
YAAM Architects applies these fundamental guiding principles and into every project that we undertake. Our designs are functional, expressive and contemporary insofar as the project brief dictates.

Meet The Founders

Yasmin .K designs

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Co-Founder, senior interior designer



YAAM Architects was chosen by wide range of international clients. Between individuals, private and governmental companies. We had different clients from many places around the globe.

Some of our clients including Ministry Of Housing Sa, Ministry Of Education Sa, Wafy  Sa, Meda Inc Mls, Sheraton Ma, Hilton Eg, Kpj M, Alnahla Sa, The Ministry Of Municipal Rural Affairs Sa, The Ministry Of Interiors Sa, The Ministry Of Water And Electricity Sa, The Ministry Of Islamic Affairs, Dawah And Duidance Sa, General Presidency Of Youth Welfare Sa, Secretariat Of The Asir Region Sa, Secretariat Of The Najran Region Sa and many more. 



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